Fare Information

DiriGo TouchPass (LINK to website with info)

  • DiriGo TouchPass Mobile App --
    Download TouchPass Transit on your smartphone, click on DiriGo, register your account, add money using a credit or debit card, and scan the QR code from your phone on the reader when you board the bus, find a seat.
    Information and Directions - HERE
    --- OR
  • DIriGo TouchPass Card -
    Get your card (visit DIriGoTouchPass.org for list of locations), register your card, add money to your account using a credit or debit card OR visit the METRO Pulse at Elm Street, Saco Transportation Center, South Portland City Hall, or your local CVS or 7-11store to add money to your DIriGO TouchPass Card; then, when you board the bus, tap your smartcard to the reader and find a seat. It's that easy.
    Information and Directions - HERE
    -- OR
  • PAY CASH (Exact Change) -- NEW FARE PRICES:
    Full Local Fare is now $2.00 | Reduced Fare is $1
    Full Express Fare is $4.00 | Reduced fare is $2
    Cash will still be accepted on all three transit systems.

  • Do I qualify for reduced fare?
    More info: HERE