Portland Public Schools

Portland Public Schools

Through a partnership between METRO and Portland Public Schools (PPS), all students attending Casco Bay, Deering, and Portland high schools receive a DiriGo Pass Smartcard or DiriGo Pass Mobile App to to use the Greater Portland METRO system for school transportation. 

The pass also provides transportation access to students after school, nights, weekends, and during school breaks. To obtain a DirGo Pass Smartcard or DiriGo Pass Mobile App, contact your school directly as they are handling the Metro pass program individually. This benefit is also extended to other participating transit agencies.

9th Grade Students

New ninth grade students will receive information directly from their school on how to obtain a DiriGo Pass Smartcard or mobile app for use as they prepare to enter high school.

10th to 12th Grade Students

Rising 10th to 12th grade students will be able to use the same DiriGo Pass Smartcard or DiriGo Pass Mobile App used the previous school year. New students to the Portland Public School system in these grades (or student who have misplaced their DiriGo Pass Smartcard) should contact the school directly for direction.

(updated Jan 4, 2021)