2030 Strategic Planning

Over the course of 2023, METRO will be working to identify and document our agency's long-term goals and how to achieve them, called a Strategic Plan. With the conclusion of METRO's 2016-2020 Strategic Plan and regional long-term and short-term planning processes (Transit Tomorrow and Transit Togetherrespectively), now is the time for METRO to update our goals for 2030, and position and structure the agency accordingly to achieve those goals.

Current Step: Research, Survey, and Public Engagement

Beginning in 2022, METRO has been gathering information, both locally and nationally, on the state of the transit industry. A passenger and non-rider survey was completed in the fall/winter of 2022. The regional Transit Together study was completed in January 2023, and approved by the Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System (PACTS) Policy Board in February 2023. Other regional and national plans and research will also be incorporated.

Board Workshop

METRO will be holding a Board workshop on April 27, 2023 from 4pm-7pm to discuss the state of the transit industry and outline the visioning and goals of the strategic planning process. METRO invites all members of the public and stakeholders to attend, and let us know what the future of METRO should look like.

Agenda and Supporting Materials - HERE

Location: METRO administrative offices, 114 Valley Street, Portland.
Due to space constraints, virtual participation is encouraged. In-person attendees may be asked to participate from a second conference room.
Zoom link to attend meeting -- CLICK HERE

Can't attend? Provide your feedback here.

Future Steps

Future steps of the Strategic Planning process include:

  • Establishing Agency mission, vision, and guiding principles
  • Service and Capital Development Plan
  • Comprehensive agency assessment
  • Financial and resources planning
  • Establish major strategic priorities, goals, and objectives
  • Measure progress and performance, and test assumptions
  • Implementation planning

METRO aims to complete this strategic planning process by Fall of 2023.