Metro's Strategic Plan


Based on several workshops with Metro's Board of Directors, input from stakeholders, and contributions from employees, this plan was adopted in September 2023 by the Metro Board of Directors.


Greater Portland Metro - Mission, Vision, and Values

Metro's Mission is to:
Provide a public transportation experience that is frequent, fast, safe, and simple.

Our Vision for the Future is to:

  • Be the mobility option of choice that connects people to each other and all the places that make for a full life;

  • Serve as a foundation of regional prosperity, growing communities, and a healthy environment.

Our Core Values are:

  • Safety - our highest priority is the safety of our riders, employees, and the public.

  • Service - we service our riders and communities, support our employees, and act in the public interest.

  • Sustainability - we commit to responsible and equitable practices today to ensure a sustainable and better future.

  • Innovation - with imagination and determination, we never stop building a better public transportation experience for riders.