Real-time Arrival Information


Waiting for the bus is easier with "real time" tracking.

Download the UMO mobility app on your smart phone to plan your trip, pay your fare, and see real-time arrival information.

Register the DiriGo Pass on your smartphone, add value using a credit or debit card, and scan the QR code from your phone when boarding the bus.  Information about the DiriGo Pass mobile app and smartcard  - HERE

No account needed for real-time tracking! Use Umo to track your bus even if you pay with cash or a smart card. 

You can also try out the Transit App  or Moovit on your smartphone to track your bus.

SMTT Tracker 

Track your bus from your web browser at Arrival times can be viewed and bookmarked for specific stops.

As of January 1, 2024, the SMTT texting application will no longer be supported. Customers can still track buses using mobile apps and the SMTT website. This change is being made for several technical and fiscal reasons, including:

  • The availability of alternative ways to track buses via third-party smartphone applications;
  • The cost of operating the service, which is significant, and must be weighed against other priorities for limited funding; and
  • Upcoming technology improvements at Metro and South Portland Bus Service that would necessitate sunsetting the service in summer 2024.

If use of a third party smartphone app such as Umo, Transit, or Moovit are not possible or practical, you can call customer service at 207-774-0351 and ask when the next bus is arriving to your stop. 

In 2024, Metro will be exploring where best to place real-time arrival information at bus stops, so that this information is readily available to everyone. Initial rollout will likely begin at the bus stops with the heaviest boardings. Metro is assessing costs and budgets as of December 2023.

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