Route 9A / 9B - N. Deering/WEST FALMOUTH

Route 9 Service:

  • Route 9A travels in a clockwise direction from downtown Portland to North Deering.
  • Route 9B travels in a counterclockwise direction along the same route.
  • Service to all three Portland Public High Schools, Congress Street locations, Westgate, PTC
     (short  walk), Stevens Ave, Northgate,  West Falmouth,  Washington Avenue, and Eastern Prom/Munjoy Hill.

Schedules for Routes 9A/9B

School Trippers

Metro runs additional trips on Route 9A and 9B on school days. These trips will not run on days where Portland Public Schools are not in session, and the additional afternoon trips sometimes run an hour earlier (typically on Wednesdays).

The calendar below shows upcoming days where these "school trippers" will not run as shown on the schedule. This is not an official Portland Public School calendar.