Transit West - New Routes, New Service

NEW: Route #3 - Starts Sunday, August 26, 2018

NEW Route 3 service between Riverton/Portland, Westbrook, and South Portland.

FREE Rides on Route 3:
Sunday, August 26 - Monday, August 27 -  Tuesday, August 28 - Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Route 3 'interlines" with Route 5, allowing riders direct service from the Maine Mall to the Jetport, DHHS, downtown Portland, and other locations along the route.
 Link to Route 3 map and schedule.

NEW: Husky Line - Starts Monday, August 27, 2018

METRO's New Husky Line features frequent service between Portland, Westbrook, Gorham, and the two campuses of the the University of Southern Maine (USM).
Following a launch event at USM/Portland, regular service (*) begins at times listed below.
Husky Line Launch Celebration event will be held Monday, August 27, 11am at USM, Portland.
Link to additional information.

Regular Husky Line service for general public begins:

  • (*) From PORTLAND (METRO Pulse/Elm Street) - Northbound: Leaving at 1:35 PM
  • (*) From GORHAM (USM/GORHAM - Bailey Hall Stop) - Southbound: Leaving at 1:50 PM

FREE Rides on the Husky Line:
Monday, August 27 - Tuesday, August 28 - Wednesday, August 29, 2018

To provide faster service, the Husky Line has limited stops and only services stops indicated on the route map.  Link to Husky Line route map and schedule.


Fares for the General Public:  $1.50 regular one-way/.75 reduced (seniors and persons with disabilities.) Please have exact fare. Bus operator cannot make change.
Tickets and Passes available for purchase at various sales outlets.
 Additional fare information and sales outlets.

Unlimited Access Transit Pass Program with the University of Southern Maine.

Students, Staff, and Faculty can use all METRO routes with their USM Campus Card.
USM riders will have a grace period until September 7, 2018.
After that date, if a USM Card is not presented to the driver when boarding, fare will be $1.50.
Please NOTE: this Program does not include students registered through OLLIE.

Schedule Updates and More:

  • New Branding, New Buses, New Bus Stops, New Bus Shelters
  • New Website - sign up for alerts and check out new schedules 
  • New brochures and online Transit Guide (coming soon)
  • Wi-Fi on all buses -- coming soon
  • Schedule updates on most routes:
    Printed route map brochures are available on buses and locations throughout our service areas. For online schedules to view and/or print, click on route links (on left).

    NEW Husky Line - NEW Service between Portland, Westbrook, and Gorham, and between the two USM campuses. To provide faster service, the Husky Line has limited stops.
    Refer to route map.

    METRO BREEZ - Added bus stop at Maine Beer/Park and Ride, Freeport.
    Route travels via Route 1 between Yarmouth and Freeport most trips.
    To provide faster service, METRO BREEZ has limited stops. Refer to route map.
    Route 1 - No schedule changes.
    Route 2 - Later service, connection to Route 3 at RIverside, and Pride's Corner area updates.
    Route 3 - NEW service between Portland/RIverside, Westbrook, and South Portland.
       NEW Destinations include: Westbrook Community Center, Millbridge Estates; Target;
       Maine Mall and More. Direct connection to Route 5 service after Maine Mall stop.
    Route 4 - NEW service to The Hamlet,  and connections to Husky Line and Route 3 at NEW Westbrook Transit Hub on Mechanic Street.
        Service changes: Westbrook Pointe Apartments and Bridge Street stops discontinued.
         (Use nearby stops - refer to route map).
    Route 5 - NEW connection to South Portland and Westbrook destinations via Route 3.
         NEW limited Saturday service to Outer Congress/Hutchins.
         Service change: Route travels to Maine Mall via Western Avenue and Foden Road.
         IMPORTANT: The Route 5 print brochure has an error on the M-F Inbound schedule.
         The second column has schedule times for H-Hutchins; the third column should be the
         Jetport schedule.
    Route 7 - Service change: Route travels via Lunt Road inbound.
    Route 8 - No schedule changes.
    Routes 9A/9B - No schedule changes.