Maps & schedules 


Effective April 5, 2021:
Only Routes 9A/9B weekday schedules affected:  

  • Changes are being made to only these schedules to coincide changes to the Portland Public School System in-person learning schedule.
    There are no changes to any other bus lines at this time.

Transit Maps

Regional Transit Map - all routes (effective March 2021)

Portland  Peninsula - all routes  (Effective March 2021)

Schedule Poster (Effective April 5, 2021)
(Greater Portland METRO routes and schedules)

Husky Line
Service between Portland, Westbrook and Gorham and between Portland and Gorham USM campuses.

Route 1 - Congress Street
Service between PTC, Congress Street, Munjoy Hill/Eastern Prom

Route 2 - Forest Avenue
Service from Downtown Portland to Prides Corner, via Forest Avenue.

Route 3 - Portland - Westbrook - South Portland
Service between Portland (Riverton), Westbrook (Hub), South Portland (Target/Maine Mall area)

Route 4 - Westbrook
Service between Portland and Westbrook via Bedford Street, Brighton Avenue, Main St. Westbrook. Continued service to IDEXX and Hamlet.

Route 5 - Maine Mall
Service between Downtown Portland and South Portland with stops along Park Avenue, Outer Congress St., Jetport, Maine Mall.

Route 7 - Falmouth
Service between Downtown Portland and Falmouth, via Washington Ave. and Route 1 Falmouth, with service to Wal-Mart and (limited service) OceanView and Falmouth Town Landing.

Route 8 - Peninsula Loop
Portland Peninsula - West End, MMC and Mercy Hospital (State Street), Downtown Portland, Old Port,
Casco Bay Lines, Hannaford, Marginal Way

9A/9B - N. Deering/West Falmouth
Downtown Portland to/from North Deering, via Congress St., Stevens Ave, Allen Ave, and Washington Ave.


Express Service between Portland, Yarmouth, Freeport, and Brunswick.