What is the METRO PULSE?

The METRO Pulse at Elm Street is the Downtown Portland hub for Greater Portland METRO bus service.
Passengers can access information for our Customer Service Staff, wait for the next bus, or purchase fare media.
METRO bus routes, #2, #4, #5,  #7, and the Husky Line begin and end their route at the METRO PULSE on Elm Street in Portland.  Some other routes, including METRO Routes 1, 8, and BREEZ, as well as South Portland Bus Service buses, are accessible nearby at Monument Square.

The METRO PULSE (also known as the Downtown Transportation Center) is located at the Elm Street Garage (Elm Street is off Congress Street, near the Portland Public Library). 

The address is:
21 Elm Street
Portland, ME 04102
Call 207-774-0351
EMail - info@gpmetro.org

More Information

For more information, view the METRO PULSE page.

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