How do I pay to ride?

The best way to pay for your ride is to use a DiriGo Smartcard or the Umo Mobility App. Smartcards can be purchased at the METRO PULSE offices at 21 Elm Street in Portland, during business hours. Value can be added to this card for repeated use. The Umo Mobility app is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

To pay, make sure there is enough value on your card or app. If using a card, simply tap the DiriGo fare tablet when entering a bus. If successful, you'll hear a cheerful noise and the display will read "PAID". If using the app, scroll to the wallet tab, where you'll find a QR code. Hold your phone a few inches away from the camera on the DiriGo tablet so that the QR code is visible on the screen. You'll hear a cheerful noise when you've successfully paid. 

Paying with the DiriGo card or app allows you to transfer between any METRO, South Portland Bus Service, or Biddeford Saco Old Orchard Beach Transit (BSOOB) service within 90 minutes (you may need to pay the net fare difference if transferring to an express route). Using the app or card also unlocks fare capping, which is discussed here. 

To pay with cash, deposit exact fare into the fare box (in any combination of bills and coins). Drivers cannot make change. 

Fares: $2 for local service, $4 for BREEZ express service. Some passengers may qualify for reduced fares

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