How do I transfer to another bus?

If you need to change buses, ask the bus driver for a free transfer when you pay your fare. When you change to another bus, give this transfer to the next bus driver.

Transfers are to be used on the next available bus going to your destination. The time limit on transfers is approximately one half hour. Please note additional information on transfers:

  • Transfers are valid only on the date issued and are issued when bus fare is paid.
  • Transfers are not transferable.
  • Transfers can be used for continuous travel in one general direction only.
  • Transfers may only be used where bus routes intersect.
  • The only time a transfer can be used on the same bus is when a METRO Bus and Buy stamp is affixed to the back of the transfer.
  • A Rider must ask for an additional transfer (from the second bus) to transfer more than once.

Other Transfers

METRO also accepts transfers from:

  • South Portland City Bus (free transfers are available between METRO and South Portland) and ZOOM Bus.
  • Between METRO routes, South Portland Bus Service, and Zoom / ShuttleBus within the Portland area.
  • Transfer to South Portland Bus and Zoom/ShuttleBus along Congress Street and at the Maine Mall.

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