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Reduced Fare Status Application

  1. Supporting Documentation Requirements

    All applicants are required to provide supporting documentation as proof of eligibility for reduced fare. Supporting documentation can be emailed to, or by visiting Metro Customer Service at 21 Elm Street, Portland, during business hours (typically Monday thru Friday, 7am-7pm). 

  2. Seniors (65+)

    Photo identification with proof of age

  3. Youth (6-18)

    Photo identification with proof of age may be requested

  4. Medicare Card Holders

    Photo identification and red, white, & blue Medicare card

  5. Veterans

    Photo identification $ DD214, VA I.D., or Veteran Status I.D.

  6. SSI, SDDI, VA Disability Recipients

    Photo identification and most current qualifying letter

  7. Medically Verified Disability -- Provider must complete Section 2

    Photo identification and certification by a qualified healthcare professional and/or certified agency. 

  8. Section 1: To be completed by Applicant

    Please provide your personal contact information, the type of reduced fare you are applying for, and other requested information. Customer Service staff may reach out with additional information requests. 

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  10. Reduced Fare Category*
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  13. E-signature

    I certify that the information on this application is true and correct. I give the agency or medical professional permission to release information regarding my disability. I understand that if this application is approved, I will be eligible to receive the Reduced Fare Rate (50% of the regular fare) under the DiriGo Automated Fare System. I will not loan or give use of my card or mobile app to anyone. If paying with cash, I will present my ID card to the bus operator as requested when paying my fare.

  14. Medically Verified Disability Information (Section 2)

    If you qualify for a reduced fare due to a disability classified under Title 49 CFR 609.3—Definitions, your healthcare provider will be required to submit supporting documentation. Metro Customer Service staff will reach out to you to facilitate this step.

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